Jojo Loves You: My Favorite Earring Company Overview and my Collection

I love learning about new places to shop, especially if they are smaller businesses! I feel it's always good to support up and coming entrepreneurs, because isn't that what a capitalist country is all about?
 I wanted to share with you one of my most favorite jewelry companies, which I have been supporting for 5 years. Jojo Loves You is a smaller company set in Brookline and Boston, Massachusetts here in the United States. Run by Josie Hewitt Marston, or Jojo, she started her business at the age of 22 and now creates the most beautiful bling earrings with swavorski stones. It's also fascinating and empowering to see a woman be so successful at such a young age, all due to her own blessings and talents.
Her collections and color choices are ENDLESS, and to be 100% honest I've never seen an earring of hers that I don't like. She has over 50 color choices at this point, ranging from opal to sapphire. With those 50 choices, she also has 20 different collections and even some limited edition colors and settings!


-Blings, round,11 mm in size. $30 
Earring color options, NOT my actual collection. I wish! 
- Mini Blings,round, 8 mm in size. $20
- Mega Blings, cushion, 12 mm in size. $35
- Party Blings, round, 12 mm in size. $35
-Cushion Blings, cushion, 10 mm in size. $32
-Mini Party Blings, round, 11 mm in size. $26
-Rectangle Party Blings, rectangle, 12 mm in size. $30
-Mini Rectangle Party Blings, rectangle, 10 mm in size. $25 
- Petite Mini Party Blings, round, $26
 -Limited Edition, mixed. $30
  -Rectangle Blings, 11 mm in size. $25
-Fleur Blings, flower, 12 mm in size. $3
-Teardrop Blings, teardrop, .75 inch. $38
-Leaverback Blings, cushion, 10 mm in size.$34
*Highlighted my favorite collections, and all linked for your convenience*
She also sells a smaller amount necklaces and bracelets, but I've never tried any yet! 


Below and above this text are pictures of what I have in my Jojo's collection right now. I started collecting about 5 years ago, and my first pair was the Vanilla Bling. Each and everyone of these pairs are stunning in their own way. They are the most sparkly earrings I have ever owned! 

Jojo sells the perfect earrings for all occasions. Perfect for weddings, parties, and events, but also perfect for work and class! I tend to purchase these earrings a lot for Christmas and birthdays, as they are the perfect gift for any girl or woman that loves a little sparkle in her life. My mom loves the fleurs and the drop blings, which can be found in the sale section of her site. She always tells me about the compliments she gets on them, especially at church! 
While she sells her earrings in boutiques and stores across the United States, you can still order them from where you are sitting right now! (HER SITE)
 Take it from me, if you love iridescent sparkles, you'll love Jojos! 

♥ Do you love your jewelry to glisten? What's your favorite article of jewelry, are you an earring girl? ♥

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**7 out of 8 of the pairs were purchased by me over time, one being a Christmas gift. All opinions are my own, and I've done this brand dedicated post just because I love her work, I was not asked to. Also, all pictures are my own besides the one with all the colored blings, that can be found here.**


  1. Lovely!! Indeed a collection!

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    1. They are even better in person, I wish my camera could capture it.
      Thanks for stopping by Aimee! ♥

  3. Great and gorgeous collection! No I am not an earring girl.

    1. Thank you Lenya, it's a great company!
      You tend to wear a lot of gorgeous necklaces though ♥

  4. WOW LOVE THE BLING BLING! Great post I laaav it :) Thanks for sharing hun, keep up the great work deffo need more earrings

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    1. Thank you M!
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  7. OMG!! So many beautiful earrings!! I am definitely an earring girl!! I just can't get enough!

    1. You can never have too many!
      Thanks for stopping by Mary ♥

  8. They are beautiful, love them so much.

  9. Love the fact that they are so elegant and subtle!

    My Makeup Mémoire

    1. Me too! Just enough sparkle, not too much.
      Thank you for the visit, Masja! ♥

  10. you have a beautiful collection! i love them all :)

    1. Thanks Natasa! ♥
      They are gorgeous earrings


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