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What makes Happiness True?

Is it meeting the one you spend you life with? Is it graduating college with the degree you worked hard for? Is it walking for the first time after a physical recovery? Or is it hearing your baby laugh for the first time?
Any and all of these things can bring happiness and fullness to any life, but sometimes it's the little things. The smell of hot coffee or tea in the morning. Playing the newest video game.Your favorite pair of fuzzy socks during the winter time. Reading books you relate to.That song that brings back a flood of happy memories from the past. Church on a Sunday morning.Tan-lines in the summer. An all time favorite film, or TV show that never gets old no matter how many times you re-watch on Netflix. The truth is, nothing makes happiness true. There is no such thing as a false happiness.

For Me..
Happiness is getting an A on an exam I studied my sanity away for. A fresh manicure. Hearing from an old friend. The way the air smells at the beginning of spring. Hearing my mom downstairs in the morning, just knowing she's there. Volunteering at the local animal shelter. Beach hair. Fresh sheets and sweet candles. Surprising people for their birthdays. Reading through old journals and yearbooks. Daydreaming. Driving fast, on smooth roads, with my favorite music playing. These little things just tend to make my life a little bit brighter everyday. Some of these things you may love too, and some you may despise. That's just the beauty of happiness, no two happy people mirror each other. 

The Goal of this Blog

Share things with you that makes my ordinary, not-so-ordinary, life a happy one. Not only the big things in life, but the little things. I want to create a community based on seeking a bright life. I wish to encourage girls, and even boys, to take their individuality by the horns and OWN it! (Although some guys may be reluctant, when they see manicures,mascara, and frills. Don't be. No room for stereotypes, come on in.) My main wish is to encourage people that it's good to be confident in yourself, and your potential. I want to talk one-on-one and gives tips and tricks on how to deal with this beautiful, sometimes scary, thing we call life. This is my journey to confidence dwelling in an amazing and happy life, will you join me? 


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