Summer Skincare Staples

Everyone likes to feel confident in their skin, and a good skin care routine is so important for that. With each season your skin changes and needs to be focused on in different areas. I wanted to share with you my Summer Skincare Routine, and what products I use to say fresh faced and confident in the hot sun!


In the morning I like to use Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser. It's cooling effect on the skin is so refreshing after a night of shut eye. (Hence the "ice" in the title) it really wakes me up and helps me alert enough not to squeeze soap onto my toothbrush and ruin my day! I squirt a half a pump onto my Olay ProX Advanced Cleaning System and it lathers so well. If you've always wanted a Clarisonic and could never afford to dish out that much money, this is the perfect substitute. It has two speeds and works great to get a deep clean. Although the brush is smaller, it makes sense seeing as how it is 1/8 the price! 
After I've washed and dried my face I use Olay Fresh Effects 'Dew Over' Hydrating Gel Moisturizer. Out of all the moisturizers offered in this line, this is the only one I've really liked. The gel consistency is very cold on the skin making it great for the hot months. It helps a lot to de-puff eyes in the morning because its so cool. It smells just like honeysuckle and melon so it's nothing offensive or musty that could possibly turn you off for a while! It's a great way to set up your face for the rest of the day. 


I usually take showers at night, because I go to the beach and do the most during the day and like to feel clean in bed. I usually do my exfoliating in the shower and use St.Ives Apricot for Blemish Control, I use the Sensitive Skin Apricot Scrub as well in the colder months. It is a thicker consistency and has actually apricot pit, so it can be harsh if you use it too often. I tend to exfoliate 3 times a week, that seems to feel like the right amount to keep my skin smooth but not irritated. After I exfoliate I cleanse my face with my Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. It's a great cleanser and you can feel it physically penetrating your pores and cleaning them. I use a half pump of the cleanser on my facial sponge during the days I don't exfoliate. I feel that using the sponge with the cleanser helps to lather and just get an over all better clean. I got this specific sponge for about 4 dollars at my local Walmart, but they are literally everywhere and all the same. The sponge lasts about two months and then you replace it to avoid the build up of bacteria. After I shower I always moisturize, typically with the Olay Fresheffects Gel Moisturizer that I use in the morning.  

Combining both the night and day routines, my skin has gone through minimal break outs this summer. The only break outs I tend to get are hormonal and around my chin, or due to waxing my eyebrows. I have combination skin and tend to get oily and dry in different areas. The picture below shows a swatch of each product I use so that you can get an idea as to their consistency, or how they'd work for you! 

Do you switch up your skincare routine based on the seasons? What are your favorite products to keep you fresh faced and confident? I'm always looking to try new things so let me know! 


  1. Nice :)

  2. this is awesome!! i love st. ives apricot scrub. it's the best! :)

    1. Thank you Julia! It is the best! ♥

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  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Christel! And aren't they? ♥

  5. I've used the scrub before but nothing else. I need to try them! My skin has been acting up lately :\

    Blonde with a Chanse

    1. It's a great scrub isn't it? Their whole line of apricot scrubs is my life line!
      I would recommend the Charcoal Cleanser definitely to help out with fickle skin..
      Nothing worse then when your skin doesn't want to cooperate! ♥





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