What to Bring to the Beach!

-What's in my Beach/Pool Bag-

Who doesn't love a day at the beach? I know I do! It's just one of life's most beautiful and simple pleasures. I want to share with you my beach day essentials, or what I carry with me in my beach bag. Each and everyone of these things is essential to keeping my beach experience fulfilling! Just add sand and water, haha! 

BEACH BAG AND COIN PURSE: My beach bag pictured above is a white crochet tote with faux leather straps from H&M. The shape and fit is exactly like a large Longchamp bag and that's what drew me to it. It's so versatile and fits everything I need. It's lined with white fabric so you don't have to worry about the crochet being exposed to anything with pointy edges in the bag. The little quilted white coin purse is from Forever 21. I always keep a small bag to carry my card and some cash just to pay to get into the beach! 

SUNSCREEN: Like most people, I take my sunscreen application pretty seriously. 20 minutes out in the sun and I already get burnt! So I use Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch sunscreen with 30 SPF. I feel that 30 SPF is perfect, so I feel no need to push it. I can never tell a difference after 30 anyways. Paired with the sunscreen, I use Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration after sun aloe gel. This stuff is literally my life, I put it on right after I leave the beach and it feels amazing. It is so soothing to the skin and smells just like a tropical island. I do not know what I would do without it, it really helps to prevent peeling too. 

SUNGLASSES: I bring different sunglasses every time I go to the beach, depending on my outfit or what I'm in the mood for. This particular sunglasses pictures above are the silver mirrored aviator sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. They were really inexpensive, less than $20, and super cool looking. I like that no one can see where I'm looking too..haha. The peach and cream chevron sunglass case came from Francesca's Collections. It's sturdy but quite large, so if you rather have something more compact I wouldn't recommend it. 

WIPES: Bringing some sort of wipes to the beach is so important to me. I use them to wipe hands, wipe off my phone if it get sand on it, and especially to wipe off feet before getting into the car. The wipes in the picture are just plain facial wipes from CVS, the pack contains 30 wipes. The pack was inexpensive and I prefer the facial kind in case I need to wipe my face. 

LIP BALM: No one likes sun burnt lips! I always have at least one chap stick on hand at the beach, and apply so often. The one pictured is the Eos Sweet Mint lip balm stick, not the ball (obviously lol). As far as I know you can't get them in stores yet, so I order mine off of Amazon in packs of three. I prefer the sticks over the round ones, they just seem much more effective. 

FOOOOD: We all gotta eat, and when I get too hungry, I get angry. Anyone else get hangry?
 Depending on when I go to the beach the food I bring differs. If I go in the morning I pack tons of stuff: Fruit, a sandwich or two, nuts, crackers, water, a smoothie. When I go later in the day I usually grab some sort of fruit and a Cliff Bar. The cool mint chocolate is my favorite, and it keeps me awake. I don't drink coffee so this is perfect for sustaining my energy. It's an oat bar with some chocolate chips and a mint drizzle on top! I also love to bring pears, so that's what I decided to use for this example. 

So what do you bring to the beach? And if you don't go to the beach, do you have a pool to go to? 
Also, what's your favorite thing to do when you're there? Do you like to sun bathe or read? 
I know I'm in the water 90% of the time! ♥

*All opinions are my own, and all products were purchased by me over time.


  1. great post! i also did one recently about what i bring to the beach :)


    1. Thanks Natasa! I'm going to check it out. ♥

  2. Girl, found your blog and it's awesome! I love your choice and actually mine look pretty much the same..haha

    Ps: I want to keep in touch with you. Let me know. Follow for follow?

    Laura Macij

    1. Thanks so much Laura! I'd love to keep in touch ♥
      Just followed you!

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    1. Thank you! I will be checking out your new post, Jenny. ♥

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  5. Great tips!! Thank you for all the info!!!


    1. Thank you Mary! And no problem! ♥

  6. Lovely post :) I'd bring my sunglasses, the same spf as you and probably mac fix +!
    xprincessjas | xx

    1. Thanks Jasmine ♥
      Good idea about mac fix plus, super refreshing!





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